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    Let's Go Beyond CMYK

    Flourescent Straight_web

    Take your designs to the next level with spot color capabilities! Discover new palettes, metallic effects, and elevate your designs with clear, white, silver gold and fluorescents!

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    Course Files

    Download the files we work with during the course below. You'll need an access to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop to follow along.

    An Iridesse Overview

    Get a full overview of the Xerox Iridesse Production Press with UBEO’s JD Stovall, our Director of Production Specialty Products.

    If your team is ready to bring 5th & 6th color capabilities to your organization, get in touch with a sales representative today!

    Watch the complete session or the segments below

    Meet & Greet

    Meet the UBEO team, and learn how UBEO serves designers, marketers and the production print marketspace.

    Spot Color Applications

    The UBEO Design team will begin by covering some of the main applications for spot colors and their impact on the print industry.

    Vector Work & ColorLogic

    In this section we cover spot color swatch set up in Adobe InDesign & Illustrator, how to apply these spots to vector work and demonstrate the ColorLogic Photoshop plugin that provides metallic integration capabilities.

    Image Enhancement

    In this section we demonstrate how to create spot channels in photos or graphics in order to achieve multi-layered images with underlays and overlays & print images on colored media.

    Question & Answer

    Hear some follow-up questions from designers that attended the course live. We discuss instances of multiple spot swatches, mixed inks, and other topics.

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