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    Monitor the health and safety of your team with AVA, the Automated Virtual Assistant from UBEO.

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    Check out the AVA video for a walkthrough of the product and it’s features!

    Entry Point Monitoring

    Companies today are in need of monitoring the health and safety of their team on a daily basis. UBEO can add an extra layer of protection with AVA, the Automated Virtual Assistant. Many similar looking systems provide temperature checking as their only significant function. While the AVA system does provide temperature monitoring and CDC questionnaires, this system provides features that far surpass basic temperature checking kiosks.


    Streamline Temp Checks

    AVA is the next level in Employee and Guest Monitoring systems. AVA is a flexible system that incorporates FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) Technology providing the most accurate temperature monitoring systems available on the market today. The system is fast, simple to use, and accurate.


    Virtual Receptionist


    High Accuracy


    Instant Repsonse


    Touchless Scan



    Virtual Receptionist

    AVA can be administered remotely with the virtual Receptionist Feature. Many offices are now hybrid with both in-office and remote workers. You can leverage this system’s standard video chat feature to greet in-person guests even if your receptionists are working from home.

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    Optional Features For Your Organization


    Microsoft Teams Integration

    AVA is a Windows Based system and natively integrates with Microsoft Teams (additional cost). If your organization leverages Microsoft Teams, this system allows for a wider group of virtual receptionists to be a part of your guest greeting team.


    Touchless Voice & QR Code Integration

    The AVA system allows for voice response as one option for completing the CDC questionnaire. Your organization can opt for a QR code integration (additional cost) which allows the user to complete the questionnaire on their mobile device and provides additional functionalities such as automated workflows for high temps which enables management and HR alerts.


    Cloud Hosting

    The AVA system also allows for cloud hosting of data. When your organization opts for cloud hosting, it provides the ability to leverage more features of the system with simplified device management.


    Branding & Customization

    AVA allows for custom on-screen branding. Add in your company logo and ask your sales team about customizations such as wayfinding and other digital signage options. Note: any customizations will be an additional scope of work and limited by system capabilities.

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